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Keystone Centre

The Keystone Centre is a very huge project. Its total built-up area is more than 1,000,000 sqm.
The centre consits of 3 basement floors for car parking and entrances. The ground zero level is an underground floor contains arena, auditorium, expo, ballrooms, kids zone and lots of events and entertainment spaces.
The gardens floor plan is as a foyer for the 4 main wings of the high rise building.
Each wing contains a different section: wing hotel, wing university, wing residential and wing business centre. The wings consists of 19 upper floors and the last one is a double height floor having different spaces "planetarium, wellness, sky garden and sky farm".

There is also a big central atrium covered with a skylight dome.
So it's a wonderful centre including all we need in our life like learning, entertainment and also accommodation.

Keystone Centre 03.jpg
Keystone Centre 04.jpg
Keystone Centre 05.jpg
Keystone Centre 01.jpg
Keystone Centre 02.jpg
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