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RIBA Europe Region Update

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

There is currently no Chapter in RIBA Europe Region, but in some areas of Europe our members are keen to connect to each other and deliver local activities. If you are interested in finding out more about what others are doing or if you want to participate in any local activities in these areas, please see contact details below:

Nordic States

Contact name: Tristan Hughes

Email address:


Contact name: Thomas Cotton

Email address:

Cork, Ireland

Contact name: Andrew Lane

Email address:

Dublin, Ireland

Contact name: Ben Thomas

Email address:

Hamburg, Germany

Contact name: Becky Hourigan

Email address:

Munich, Germany

Contact name: Gerd Massman

Email address:

Warsaw, Poland

Contact name: Tomasz Śniegula

Email address:


Contact name: Andrew Barley

Email address:

Toulouse, France

Contact name: Hisham Moursi

Email address:

Prague, Czech Republic

Contact name: Jozef Olsavsky

Email address:

Nigran, NW Spain

Contact name: Manuel Bouzas Cavada

Email address:

Lausanne, Switzerland

Contact name: Anthony Fairhurst

Email address:

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