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08 Landscape & 3D Sketches.jpg

Landscape & 3D Sketches

Private Villa Landscape, Ireland  

01 Private Villa Landscape, Ireland.jpg


A landscape planning for a luxury private villa designed with Irish style.

Vacation House

01 Vacation House.jpg


A vocation house "Maldivian type".

Built-up area = 1,675 m².

Family Compound

01 Family Compound.jpg

Alexandria, Egypt.

It's a family compound consisting of 3 Villas.

Colored Sketches

13 Colored Sketches.jpg

A collection of manual colored sketches.

Landscape Sketches

04 Landcape Sketches.jpg

A collection of landscape designs sketches.

Freehand Sketches

01 Freehand Sketches.jpg

A collection of freehand sketches.

Perlita Gardens Residential neighborhood

03 Perlita Gardens Residential neighborhood.jpg

Pearl, Qatar.

A luxury residential complex.

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