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06 Interior Designs.jpg

Interior Designs

Icon Medical Center

04 Icon Medical Center.jpg

Interior design and planning for a medical center.

Bedroom  for an  apartment

01 Bedroom For an apartment.jpeg


A small bedroom in a simple, modern and calm design.

Business Hotel in the heart of  Doha

01 Business Hotel in the Heart of Doha.jpg

Doha, Qatar.

Interior design of a business hotel.

Ahmed Al Manal Villa

03 Ahmed Al Manal Villa.tif

Interior design of different spaces and rooms of a villa.

Travel Agency

01 Travel Agency.jpg

Doha, Qatar.

Interior design of a travel Agency.

Shk. Mohamed Bin Jassem Majlis

01 Shk. Mohamed Bin Jassem Majlis.jpg

Wakir, Qatar.

Interior design of a majlis "Sheikh's luxury office".

Andalusian Style Villa

01 Islamic Style Office.jpg

Alexandria, Egypt.

Interior designs for different rooms and spaces using Andalusian style.

Luxury Villa

01 Luxury Villa.jpg

Interior design of a luxury villa for different spaces. 

Shk. Mohamed Palace

10 Shk. Mohamed Palace.JPG

Wakir, Qatar.

Interior design of a luxury palace and majlis of 4,000 m².


03 Nurseries.jpg

Nurseries interior design and planning.

King Mariout Villa

01 King Mariout Villa.jpg

Alexandria, Egypt.

Interior design for a private villa located in King Mariout.

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