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Public Buildings & Mixed Uses Projects

Mosque Competition

03  Mosque Competition.jpg

Doha, Qatar.

Awarded The first prize for Qatar mosque competition.

Multi-functional Building

01 Multi-functional Building.jpg

Lusail, Qatar.

Commercial center, Hotel, Apartments & Offices.

Islamic Center in Italy

Healing Room

01 Islamic Center in Italy.jpg
03 Cancer Healing room.jpg


United Kingdom.

A healing room recovery is designed for Cancer patients.

Nine Horse Racecourses in multiple locations

Horse Racecourse Hong Kong China 04.jpg

Nine horse racecourses tracks are designed in Multiple locations around the world.

Two Towers, Bahrain

Alternatives of Recovery Room

Keystone Centre

01 Two Towers, Bahrain.jpg
03 Recovery room Cancer.jpg
Keystone Centre 01.jpg


United Kingdom.

These are alternatives of a room for Cancer treatment.


Entertainment Centre, Cultural and Educational Center, Hotel and Apartments.

Faculty - Educational  Facility

02 Faculty - Educational Facility.jpg

These are two options for a faculty design.

Medical healing Room

02 Medicinal Healing room, United Kingdom.jpg

United Kingdom.

A medical healing room to help patients to recover.

Al Rayan Mixed-use  Building

01 Al Rayan Mixed-use building.jpg

A mixed-use building.

Bu Sidra Cultural  Sporting Center

02 Bu Sidra Cultural Sporting Center.jpg

Bu Sidra, Qatar.

It's a cultural sporting center.

Its area = 16,800 m².

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